About Us

Burch Belts started as a small idea Clem Burch had to adjust his belts more precisely. As a home designer he already had the tools and know how to turn that idea into a workable design. After several years of prototypes, research, and turning that idea into a manufacturable product we have arrived where we are today. 

Clem Burch Design is dedicated to providing the best possible belt on the market in style, function, and quality with a strong sense of southern tradition. Based out of Birmingham, Alabama, we inspect each and every belt to ensure it holds up the standard of the Burch name. With anything that is good, you need a strong foundation and that is why we started with materials such as titanium and stainless steel as a basis for our buckles. Then, you add in premium leathers and you have a combination that can not be beat. At Burch Belts, we believe that once you have tried one of our products, you can never go back to any other.