Using the patent pending double adjustable buckle feature.

 The patent pending double adjustable buckle allows you to dial in the size of your belt to fit your waist perfectly. Each double adjusting buckle has a clasp with two holding pins that secure the buckle to the leather strap. Each strap, in turn, has three sets of two holes at approximately 1/4" apart. This is how it works:

First, unlatch the clasp with your thumb or finger,

Next, adjust the leather strap to the desired length,

Finally, push the clasp back into place.

Materials and Construction

Our buckles are machine pressed titanium or cast stainless steel depending on the model. This allows for an excellent finish and durability in the case of stainless steel. Also, our titanium buckles offer a light weight, high tech feel. Here are a few images from our production process:

3D image renderings just before the manufacturing processes begin


The titanium Scout model just after the press process